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Dr. Chaos

Vanor Silenos and Ketra Orcs

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Welcome to Lineage® II: The Chaotic Chronicle!
 We hope you enjoy your adventures in the lands of Aden and Elmore.
We are glad to see you here and Aragorn ,
hope that you will enjoy to play on our server.

Thanks for your support and for
select our servers us you'r main
 LineageII Servers!
Hope you can enjoy our servers us
much us we enjoy developing it!
Start Voting the server, post comments
and don't forget to tell us
about the bugs on forum so we can fix them.
Thank you.
Lineage II Chronicle 6 The Chaotic Throne Interlude
Comming Soon!!!
The Chaotic Throne is nearly upon us!
The current estimated maintenance period for the launch of Interlude
is 8:00 AM CDT to 2:00 PM CDT on Saturday, April 14.


A player who has reached level 75 in their subclass and completes the Path to a Noblesse quests is able to become a Noblesse. Noblesse are granted special abilitiesthat are primarily used in sieges and raids, giving the Noblesse aleading role in combat. Once a character earns the title of Noblesse,both main class and subclasses are given the title. Special skillsconferred by the title can also be used in both classes.

Noblesse Abilities
TheNoblesse have access to exclusive teleports from the villagegatekeepers, which transport them to various locations that areordinarily unavailable, including dungeon interiors.
Noblessecan give themselves a title without joining a clan. Noblesse candesignate or modify their own titles with the Title and Delete Titlebuttons in the Clan window.
Noblesseare also awarded accessories by the Noblesse quest NPCs, whichdistinguish them from other players. Hair accessories can only bedeleted from the inventory and cannot be traded, dropped, or sold instores.
The playerĘs attack ability in Player vs. Player combat increases once they become a Noblesse.
Battleprogress reports are available only to Noblesse clan leaders who areregistered for a castle siege. It indicates the status of clan membersand the number of their kills and/or deaths. This function is onlyavailable to clan members who are logged in during the game. Use the/siegestatus command to determine whether the clan member is within thesiege zone. It is refreshed every 30 seconds. Kill and death numbersare saved even while a server may be down and are reset upon completionof the siege.
Upon earning the titleof Noblesse, the playerĘs performance in raids and sieges will berecorded. When the character becomes a Hero, their battle records arearchived in each villageĘs Monument of Heroes.



A player who has recorded the highest score in each class in the GrandOlympiad, a Player vs. Player tournament played among the Noblesse, isconferred the title of Hero. Heroes are awarded exclusive weapons,skills, abilities and a distinct aura.
Hero Abilities
Heroes are able to use weapons provided for their exclusive use. Onceselected, weapons cannot be replaced. However, after one month, allweapons are automatically returned and Hero players will be able toselect another weapon. The weapons are available from the Monument ofHeroes and cannot be dropped, traded, enchanted, and/or destroyed. SGrade spiritshots, soulshots, and arrows are consumed.
Heroesare able to chat in a special channel (%). This chat font color is skyblue and is displayed to all players on the server. Heroes are onlyable to speak in the global channel once every 10 seconds. It ispossible to turn Hero Voice on and off in the chat message options.
The names of Heroes are listed in the commemorative Monument of Heroes in each village.


Fishingoffers a different experience from combat and leveling up. Not only isfishing a great way to relax, you can also catch ingredients for itemcreation.
Fishing equipment and/orthe Fishing skill can be acquired along with other newly added commonskills from the FishermanĘs Guild Members dispatched at the grocerystore or port of each town.
You willneed a Fishing Rod and lures to go fishing. These items can be boughtfrom the store or earned through quests. Fishing rods and Fishing Shotsexist by grade (no grade, D, C, B, A, S) and item damage will beapplied according to grade. A penalty will be applied when using afishing rod of a grade incompatible with your character level.
Youmust master the Fishing skill in order to begin fishing. You canacquire Fishing, Reeling, Pumping, and Fishing Mastery skills byspeaking with the FishermanĘs Guild Members stationed in each town orport.
Although not essential forfishing, Fishing Shots will assist you with your fishing. FishingShots, like spiritshots and soulshots, can be accessed bydouble-clicking on them in inventory or registering with shortcuts. TheFishing Shot grade must be compatible to that of the fishing rod, andthey can also be earned through quests.

TheFishing Rod is equipped in the weapon slot and the bait in the lefthand, like an arrow. Once you equip the rod and use the Fishing skill,you begin to fish.

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